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medical detox center in new hampshireAddiction to drugs or alcohol is not a choice, nor is it a moral failing. Addiction is a disease, and like many diseases, it can be treated by medical professionals in the proper setting. Liberty Health Services is the most effective medical detox center for substance abuse treatment in New England. Located in beautiful New Hampshire, Liberty Health Services can provide the acute care you need to begin your recovery journey.

What makes us different from other detox centers? The truth is that there are three reasons why Liberty Health Services is the premier medical detox center: our comfortable and luxurious environment, our individualized addiction treatment programs, and our compassionate staff.

Our Premier Medical Detox Center

Liberty Health Services offers medical detox programs in a safe environment to gradually end your addiction. Our detox center allows you to end your addiction safely and in a comfortable environment. The Liberty Health Services team truly believes that you have a higher chance of long-lasting recovery when you are relaxed and secure during addiction treatment. That’s why our medical detox center is the perfect place to begin your journey to recovery.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction is not one-size-fits-all. At Liberty Health Services, we believe your addiction treatment program should be tailored to your unique needs. One of the foundational addiction treatment methods in our program is medication-assisted treatment. During medication-assisted treatment, you meet one-on-one with a licensed therapist to uncover the root causes of your addiction. Some of the numerous benefits of our addiction treatment programs include:

A safe environment

When you engage in our addiction treatment programs, your vital signs are closely monitored by our highly qualified team because your safety is our top priority.

Build a support system

Our team will become a source of support and encouragement that you may need during the more challenging stages of treatment.

Regain mental and physical well-being

After you complete an addiction treatment program at Liberty Health Services, you will feel mentally and physically stronger than you have in years.

Ease withdrawal symptoms

Our team is qualified to administer medication to ease or even eliminate potentially painful withdrawal symptoms.

Time away to focus on recovery

Our addiction treatment programs allow you to have time away from your daily routine so that you can immerse yourself in recovery.

Avoid triggers

You’ll also have separation from the triggers in your life that cause you to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Our Compassionate Staff

Our most valuable asset is our staff. Our team has years of experience in addiction recovery, and we are passionate about helping those struggling with addiction find healing. We use our expertise to create individualized treatment programs to help you become drug and alcohol-free. At Liberty Health Services, we are personally invested in your recovery, and we want to equip you with the tools for long-lasting sobriety. Allow our team to become part of your team today.

Receive the Highest Level of Care at Liberty Health

Our medical detox services and our caring staff are just a few of the things that set Liberty Health Services apart from other detox centers. We want you to receive the highest level of care possible in a judgment-free, comfortable, and safe environment. Learn more about our medical detox center today by calling 855.959.4521 or completing our secure online form. You can live a life that is free from addiction if you take the first step today.